Friendly People

“I am productive during the whole day. I’ve learned about different cars. Management treats you fairly. People friendly. The job isn’t that hard at all. Being around certain people makes the day meaningful.” ~Driver

Management is easy to talk to

“I love where I work. We have a great team and we all work together. The management here is so easy to talk to, no sense of hierarchy or anything like that. We are all on the same page and it’s such a great place to work!” ~ Lead Driver

Diverse Team

“Very fast paced. Demanding and challenging but rewarding work. Diverse team with room for advancement based on productivity. Great support from upper Management.” ~Operations Manager

If you enjoy driving, it’s the perfect job

“For a minimum wage job, it is perfect. It has a balance between being active and being sedentary. Really easy to do, plus if you enjoy driving it’s the perfect job without traffic.” ~ Transporter

Beats working in a warehouse

“Been working here for over 4 years now. It’s a good and easy job. We do a lot of driving to different locations which means that not everyday is the same thing. I have gotten the opportunity to learn different things which has been a great learning experience. The manager is really flexible with time off and will even sometimes offer you opportunity to make up hours. All in all, it’s a good place to work and it sure beats the redundancy of a warehouse.”  ~ Lead Driver

Flexible Schedule

“The days at the job were flexible was able to make my own schedule and when I worked it felt like family. I enjoyed driving vehicles to different locations. ~Transporter

Time passes quickly

“I like working for FleetLogix. There is always work to do so the days go quickly. I really like my team and my manager. They work with my schedule and are flexible.” ~Key Loader/Driver